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To make social shares look more attractive and pretty, this free plugin is slim and fast. The plugin itself is easy to use. To increase your site speed one of the best solutions is to use a caching plug-in, making it work more efficiently.

To make social shares look more attractive and pretty, this free plugin is slim and fast. The plugin itself is easy to use. To increase your site speed one of the best solutions is to use a caching plug-in, making it work more efficiently. Try these WordPress site speed optimization tricks that will help you to make your WordPress site faster and test your website speed before and after. Akismet is a plug-in that was developed by the people who created WordPress. If you comment on other people blogs and link to them in your posts it shows that you care and then they may just do the same for you. It reduces bounce rates by measuring which people have ‘bounced’ and which ones didn’t. While there are about 55,000 plug-ins that are available on WordPress, finding the right ones that have the power to reduce your bounce rates and improve your conversions is crucial.

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It’s an anti-spam plug-in that checks all the comments made on your site, and effectively filters out comments that are considered as ‘spammy’ or irrelevant. It’s important to update your plugins. WP Super Cache efficiently cuts down your page loading time by 0.85 seconds (GTmetrix) and improves it to up to 28.07%. It’s considered as one of the best WordPress caching plugins due to its speed. As a result, it significantly increases your site’s loading time. On the other hand, images may have a huge negative impact on website load time. But others can have different opinions on this, especially new clients who can have opinions like “if they want to read our content they can come to the site”. If you would like to learn more, please visit the rest of our articles on WordPress security and how to run a secure website. I should probably mention that my site has a trivial number of page views (a heavy day is like 300 page-views in terms of wordpress stats).

You may also have vulnerabilities in the operating system that hosts your web server and website, like the ShellShock vulnerability. Wordfence also detects if your site has been compromised and, as you have learned, early detection is key to help preserve your online reputation. Use an intrusion detection and prevention system like Wordfence as an additional layer of security. Intrusion detection and prevention software like Wordfence for WordPress also helps protect against common attacks. WordPress Maintenance: Just like everything, maintenance is one of the keys to a long running website. For an example, you can take a look at DreamPress — our own managed WordPress hosting plan. For example, editing the ‘wp-config.php’ file may create a temporary file that contains your database login credentials that is public. Access via Temporary Files: When editing files on your website using tools like ‘vim’, temporary files may be created that contain sensitive login information.

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WordPress, or with a hosted builder like Squarespace? It also allows you to connect with various tools like MailChimp, AWeber, and PayPal. It allows you to add meta-descriptions, keywords, and SEO titles to each post and pages of your website. However, a dynamic website creates web pages dynamically at run time averting the need of writing the same code over and again. Load impact testing, in many ways, replicates the testing by the first three services on a much larger scale — potentially from 25 to over 100k users. Use the dry run feature first to be sure you’re getting all the URLs that you expected and none that you aren’t! As a result, it saves you a lot of time when it comes to getting in touch with your readers. Therefore, it’s one of WordPress’ default plug-ins and comes each time you install it. However, you may be in a shared environment where it’s possible to create permissions on your website files that gives someone else on the same machine ‘read’ or ‘read and write’ access to those files. If you’re looking forward to responding to leads as quickly as you can, WPForms gives you email notifications instantly for all submitted forms, making you engage with leads as soon as you can.

You usually don’t have access to patch them yourself.

MaxCDN also gives you protection from DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) that causes your site to shut down. Commercial websites can subscribe to premium plans which give added security solutions aside from spam protection. Administrators can input or edit information via Web forms, and the software automatically uploads and publishes the data. Then make sure that there are no known vulnerabilities in your software and services by keeping your site well maintained and keeping abreast with the newest security alerts and updates. Now you can have the best blogging software and the best content management system available on the web, together. You usually don’t have access to patch them yourself. Important to Note: The number of ways an attacker can gain access to your website may seem overwhelming. Traceroute – There are lots of websites offering traceroute services, and several ways to run a traceroute with a desktop application.