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It also comes with device adaptation, smart formatting, full commenting system, and eight different color schemes. The Android SDK, itself, is full of Java libraries.

It also comes with device adaptation, smart formatting, full commenting system, and eight different color schemes. The Android SDK, itself, is full of Java libraries. This might sound contradictory, but you can actually speed things up – a server will work better with one large file than having to respond to dozens of requests. If you make changes only to several things on your site, you might benefit from them. A conclusion is, we don’t want to make mistake by considering a short man for a boy. If you’re using the default commenting system, you don’t have to do a thing – it’s something that you have the benefit of and that extra request is justified. Now that you’re done, you can run another scan on the speed & performance tool of your choice to see if and how the score (and the speed of your site) improved. Choose the most suitable option for you, but don’t save too much on performance.

But in case that you don’t use comments on your site, or you use a different commenting system, you should remove the comment-reply script. There is greater chance for interaction through discussions in the comments section. Guess what happens when there are more than one hundred additional requests that don’t have to be there – yes, your site gets slower. We don’t blame you for that, but now that we got your attention, take some time to check your site for scripts and styles that you don’t need. If you’ve ever opened a browser console while on your site, you may have found that the website is showing version numbers of scripts and styles. Who’s got the time to think about scripts and styles on a site. If not, leave the plugin and let it handle scripts and styles for you. We already showed you a neat little plugin that will show you all scripts and styles that load on each of your pages. It’s another plugin that can help you take care of big sizes of images you’re uploading. Whether you have small personal or business site, or you’re running a portal with dozens of writers, you will have to connect social media to the site.

I was loading this sprite image to show social follow buttons in sidebar.

Social media has become a standard part of every website. Do not hesitate to investigate utilizing guest and ghost writers, contests, freebies, giveaways, coupons, captivating media and expert consulting when just entering the blogging market. Like anything in life successful blogging is not a one person show and regardless of the parties involved it requires diligence and dedication. I was loading this sprite image to show social follow buttons in sidebar. OK, that took 3 seconds loading over cellular data. That’s ok, and you should do that. And that’s something that slows down a site tremendously. That’s why our users often ask us for SEO tips and plugins that can help improve SEO of their WordPress sites. WordPress (relevant internet site) is built with PHP, and PHP usually runs great out-of-the-box. The first method requires you just to copy and paste a simple function to your functions.php file. If you don’t like adding the code to functions.php by yourself, you can use a free plugin for the job.

40% will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Don’t worry; even if your users don’t feel the speed improvement, search engines will. If you’re trying to speed up your site, it is more important to remove one request than having a preview of the video. If you’re not good with code, and you just have to install a plugin, there a simple plugin that will remove embeds from your site. You know which video you’re embedding, so there’s no real need for having that preview, right? Although all it takes to load a website is a click of the button for you, there’s much more for computers to handle. WordPress takes center stage as one of the most manageable, accessible, and easy to use CMS solutions. 40% will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. It was also discovered that those exposed to a 200-millisecond delay performed 0.22% fewer searches during the first three weeks and 0.36% fewer searches in the second three week period. The first plugin on the list was GZip Ninja Speed Compression. But when you decide to go even deeper to speed up your WordPress website, you should take care of HTTP requests. In case you just have to have avatars, you should consider installing a 3rd party commenting system for WordPress which will handle things differently.

  • Check the two pages with Pingdom Tools and write the Total Loading Time times down
  • Lots of Examples included
  • Delete Unused Plugins/Themes
  • You have a lot of plugins – Check P3 Profiler (is free )
  • CDN static image caching
  • Paginate Your Comments

The three-step process for installing this plugin include downloading the plugin, uploading it to the directory and activating it through the plugins menu. Can I reduce mobile data usage when uploading pictures from the app? As you appear to be using a Responsive WP theme you may want to substitute lower resolution images for mobile browsers. As a result, mobile visitors can access your website really fast. Check out the tutorials on their site or Youtube to learn how to set this up for your website. Take your time, and check your WordPress site for those unwanted HTTP requests. Think again, because hosting made especially to fit WordPress was not developed without a purpose. I think what’s happening is you have several high resolution images, which will take time to download if the connection is slow. That doesn’t mean that you should remove the pictures, but you should take care of them.

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Although WordPress introduced them in version 4.2. that doesn’t mean you have to load that one additional JS file on your site just to have the smiley faces. Whenever you save a page or post in WordPress it creates a revision. A content delivery network (CDN), however, has servers all over the world – ensuring every potential customer gets a fast page. If you have a multisite network on which hundreds or thousands of users are logged in at the same time, then the plugin (and all other components on the website) will need more resources to run. While query strings are an important part of dynamic elements, they can slow down your WordPress site if they’re used in static resources. Whatever technique you choose, you won’t be wrong – you will remove query strings from static resources in the next few minutes and speed up your site the very moment.